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Are you struggling to support your existing clients?

We understand your clients' increasing demands. Let us handle recurring tasks or projects, freeing your time for higher-level decision-making or client interactions. Our work follows strict processes and undergoes thorough reviews. Typically, we report to the Companion Firm, ensuring timely task completion to support your client commitments.


Companion Firm

Are you unable to service new clients?

Due to the shortage of accounting personnel, companies are increasingly seeking external accounting services. If clients reach out to you, you can refer them to us for competitive pricing and quality services. You would then receive a percentage of gross fees passively because of the referral.

Our team manages the End Client relationship, freeing you to focus on your existing clients and receive passive income in return.

Our Mission

We believe reliable bookkeeping and financial statements are critical to company success. With over 340,000 accountants leaving the profession between 2019 and 2023, we understand that accounting firms are facing unprecedented personnel challenges.

The shortage of accounting personnel leads to the neglect of critical accounting tasks and an increase in financial statement errors.

According to a 2023 survey of 250 firms in the US, over 99% of small- and medium-size CPA firms are unable to find enough qualified US candidates for employment.

Our Company

We are accounting and bookkeeping experts specializing in providing financial reconciliations, monthly financial statement creation, and transaction processing for small to medium-sized businesses.

Starting our journey by serving small and medium-sized businesses in St. Louis, MO, we've been fortunate enough to develop relationships with clients in various states, ranging from medical practices to manufacturing.

With past experience ranging from public accounting to corporate finance, our team comprises CPA-certified professionals and QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

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